Research to transform cancer care

Our mission is to inspire, design, and advance solutions that improve the health and healthcare for patients with cancer. We do so by enhancing patient experience, improving patient outcomes, and increasing the efficiency and productivity of cancer care. We are passionate about catalyzing innovation with our partners.

Our Initiatives

We are change agents dedicated to designing, testing, scaling and disseminating innovations in cancer care.

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We are worldwide experts in employing financial and non-financial interventions to nudge patient and clinician behavior in cancer care, informed by lessons from health economics and behavioral economics.

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We aim to drive high-value cancer care by designing, testing, scaling and evaluating payment models that enhance affordability, access and innovation.

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Health Equity

We employ a health equity lens across our work, examining and addressing socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic disparities and other systemic barriers to accessing healthcare.

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PC3I News

Media Spotlight

Race Precision Oncology

Race Has No Place in Precision Oncology

The electronic health record can be used to nudge doctors away from using race as a heuristic in decision-making, thus reducing implicit bias and impacting health inequities.

Targeted Therapies Endometrial Cancer

Targeted Therapies Take Aim at Endometrial Cancer

While targeted therapies are used for treatment of other types of cancer, they are just now emerging as an option for the treatment of endometrial cancer, targeting certain biological pathways.

On the Leading Edge of Cancer Care Innovation

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